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Gosh I’m Productive Today!

So much school stuff accomplished today! I finished Oasis which took 4 hours and I got my Spring 2013 SFSU Schedule:

Introduction to the Fashion Industry- M 4:10PM-6:55PM 

Fashion, Clothing, and Society-GWAR- TTH 11:00AM-12:15PM 

Fashion Merchandising and Buying- TTH 9:35AM-10:50AM

Computer Applications in Apparel Research- MW 8:10AM-9:25AM

Contemporary Sexuality- TTH 8:10AM-9:25AM

8AM classes will be the death of me!!! But NO FRIDAY CLASSES!!!Can’t wait to be back in SF on the 23rd!!



CranioDsgn (Tumblr / Facebook) Artwork for an exhibition based on the moods related to CMYK culture.

(via devidsketchbook)

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